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Recent lifestyle test shoot with Noah Crider

Since making the big move to California, i've been meaning to get out and shoot some surf lifestyle photography. Thankfully, I was able to line up a time with Noah and we decided to meet up around the Laguna Beach area per his recommendation. Without having a proper scout done beforehand, I relied on Google Maps to help out with some of the locations. 

We had two rough shots in mind for this test. The first one was going to be beachfront with the water and surfboard. For this shot, we planned on utilizing more backlit and contrasty scenes to keep the attention on Noah. I used this opportunity to play around with some different techniques for modifying the lens flare (all done in camera). 

The second shot was going to be more geared towards automative lifestyle photography. It just by luck happened that we had access to an old Ford Mustang for the shoot.

After switching locations, our final shots were a bit rushed as we were scrambling to get shots done before an incoming marine layer killed off the remaining sunset light. Thankfully we had a solid half an hour to work with and got some amazing shots done with the time we had.