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Desert Fitness Photography

After chatting with some friends about finding an "unusual" location in California to shoot more fitness photography, I was able to track down a unique spot in the desert outside of Los Angeles. I've been wanting to shoot some more environmental fitness work and this location was going to be right up the alley of what I was looking for!


On a previous shoot, I had gotten connected with a new model who I was wanting to shoot some fitness photography with. Thaddeus is represented by Wilhelmina and had just the look that I was going for. To complete the trifecta for this shoot, I had been referred by another photographer friend of an awesome stylist in the area who works in the fitness and lifestyle realm. Stephanie Bides was the real deal and came prepared with several different looks for us to play with during the photoshoot.

The goal for the day was to work in 3 different setups; pre, during, and post workout. We were looking to shoot a different look with every setup. I have found one of the keys to fitness photography being that your wardrobe must be on point and styled correctly, and a professional stylist is worth their weight in gold as i've been fortunate to find out.

For this shoot I was working with mostly natural light, and occasionally using a single strobe and large softbox to complement the existing light. When shooting with strobe I used a full CTO gel to help balance with the warm sunset light.

It's been extremely exciting to have the new playground of California to shoot in. The diversity that this state offers within several hours drive of Los Angeles is amazing!