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New Personal: Cowboy Work

Excited to share some new personal work from a project down in Castle Valley, Utah. 

 Cowboy Work at Red Cliffs Lodge in Castle Valley, Utah

For quite a while I've been trying to expand some of what I shoot outside of the core outdoor sports, some of which you'll notice if you follow along on my Instagram. This is the first of several personal shoots that I've been working on.  I reached out to my friend Cory who I knew had been working as a Cowboy on several various ranches over the western US. Lucky for me it turned out that when I reached out, he was working at a ranch outside of Moab, Utah and I was able to connect with Cory on his day off.

To be exact, we were shooting in Castle Valley, Utah. This is a place that is home to many famous western movies, and a place where the Marlboro ad campaign is still shot today I'm told. I had one day to shoot, and we utilized the time from sunrise to sunset to capture all the shots that we were looking for. 

Shooting in the desert during mid-July is no ideal task with temperatures reaching up into the high 90s. Not to mention doing hard work in the sun all day takes a toll on your body. I looked at this shoot more as a documentary trip, rather than a produced shoot. I wanted to show the day in and day out life of a Cowboy in the American West.

The end of our day was spent practicing 'roping' cattle with the sun setting over Castle Valley. It became easy to see the allure to this type of work. It's not the easiest or best paying, but it sure is thoroughly rewarding at the end of each day's work. After dinner with everyone (where I tried rocky mountain oysters for the first time, and they were amazing!) it was back off to Salt Lake with a brief drive through the night. 

Check out the full gallery here: https://www.wraysinclair.com/cowboy-work/