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Recent Travels

It's been a busy month for me. Travel can be one of the best parts of this job, and i've been thankful to have done quite a bit recently. Things started after returning from Las Vegas to celebrate the end of my Junior year at school with friends. Needing to purge my system from the sins of vegas it was immediately off to Moab to tackle a ride called the Mag 7. We rode the whole trail which ended up being 28 miles of desert single track. I had plans to shoot but getting dehydration that day made me have a change of heart. Following Moab it was up to Idaho to chase salmon flies on the Henry's Fork, while the weather didn't quite cooperative, good times were had and several fish were caught!

Stuck around town for the next week or so and shot some biking here in the foothills with one of my new friends Galen, who's a total shredder on the bike.

Got out of my comfort zone shooting and went to photograph a good friend of mine, Will doing some whitewater kayaking. Utah only gets a small window for whitewater kayaking around runoff and it lasts for just a week or so, needless to say I had been excited about this shoot for some time. 

Finally it was back on the road to Angelfire Bike part to shoot the second stop of the Enduro Cup. This was a new experience for me shooting a bike race, and was quite interesting with the fast paced shooting and turnaround times. Many a beer were had afterwards!

Finally settling down after a busy past month. Excited to get out of my comfort zone and shoot some upcoming new personal projects! Give me a follow on Instagram (@wraysinclairphoto) to see the most recent imagery!