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24 Hours in Moab

One of the greatest parts about living in Salt Lake City is the proximity of everything around you. I like to say you could draw a circle around SLC on a map with a radius of 5 hours; and you could have everything you want (with the exception of the ocean). Mountains, deserts, lakes, wide open plains, etc, etc. One weekend you could be canyoneering in the Zion Narrows, the next you could be riding alpine single track in Jackson Hole. Weekend trips here are endless. 

Brandon Peterson taking in the local views

Last weekend I took one of these opportunities to take a brief trip down to Moab with some friends. Due to previous commitments we really only had a day in Moab to make the most of our time there. It's amazing what you can get done with 24 Hours in Moab.

We got a late start and left Salt Lake around 9. After arriving to our camp spot outside of town around 12:30 it was right to bed for the long day ahead of us. 

After a breakfast in town we headed up to our pickup spot for a shuttle to the top of Kokopelli with Coyote Shuttles. Never thought i'd see a double long welded together VW bus as a shuttle vehicle, but it did the job flawlessly. After this it was all downhill(mostly) for the next couple of hours, and 18 miles from the La Sal mountains back into town. This was my first ride of the year and after having a broken bike for a while, my first ride in 6 months. Riding porcupine rim was quite the warmup for the year, and I was sure aching afterwards. 

Spencer Corbridge on Captain Ahab

Needing to continue making the most of our day we made a lunch stop for some BBQ and headed back out at it. This time we were heading over to the Amasa Back region to ride the new-ish Captain Ahab trail. It was described to me as a cross-country free ride trail, and that couldn't be closer to the truth. Be prepared to climb for the ride, but you're going to have some tech to get through while getting down. 

Spencer Corbridge on Captain Ahab

We got out right at sundown after taking our time shooting photos on the way down. It was a long ride back to Salt Lake after such a long day, but i'm itching to get back out to the desert and ride again!

Brandon Peterson on Captain Ahab