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Ski City Shootout 2015

Well it was a whirlwind week of shooting for the Ski City Shootout (formerly the Salt Lake Shootout). I cannot thank my team enough for their hard work, they are truly the unsung hero's of the shootout. 

The shootout is structured so that each photographer gets paired with 3 local athletes to make their team. My team this year was composed of Noah Wetzel, Tyson Rider, and Alex Fulton; all of whom are local shredders in the Salt Lake area. It was wild getting to watch these 3 send big cliffs and throw tricks given the mediocre conditions presented. We had 4 days to shoot at each of the cottonwood resorts (Snowbird, Solitude, Alta, Brighton). 

The best way to describe the shootout is the shortest week, longest days of my life. We would get up each morning for early-ups with the resorts before they opened and stayed until sunset. Certain days we were even skiing down in the dark. As soon as we left the resort it was off to dry out gear, clean lenses, charge batteries, and edit images for the evening. 

Here's a little taste from the week of one of our shots at Alta Ski Resort. Check back later for more shots from the week!

Big thanks to everyone who was part of putting this together, and a huge shoutout to my team for helping me produce a portfolio that I was super proud of.