One Year And Counting!

It's been a wild summer here in Utah! August 1st marked my first full year of residency in Utah, and what a wild ride it has been since then. I was fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time with either a fly rod in my hands or a bike under me, and all the while with a camera in travel. Did a little traveling and spent the middle of July back home in Virginia, and took two different trips up to Idaho for some fly fishing at the middle and end of August. Now its back to school, and hoping to squeeze some fall shooting in!

A Utah brown trout attempting to make his escape

Summer started off with a celebratory end of school fishing trip to the Green River outside of Dutch John, Utah. The fishing was quite good with fish feeding heavily on cicadas, though as fishing photos often seem to go this trip was spent with a rod in my hand more than the camera.

Nags Head Fishing Pier at sunrise

Smallmouth fishing on the Potomac River outside of Harpers Ferry, WV 

Smallmouth fishing on the Potomac River outside of Harpers Ferry, WV 

Next up was flying home to spend 2 weeks with my family. The first week was spent relaxing on the beach, with the next back home in Virginia fishing some of my old stomping grounds.

I was fortunate enough to purchase a more "utah" suited mountain bike, as the ole cross country hardtail wasn't always doing the trick. Spent quite a bit of time on the new bike and shot several images of friends as well. 

Summer was ended in the same fashion it was started, with a fly rod and camera in my hands. Spent 3 days on the south fork of the snake river with a friend from Bozeman, and 2 weeks later went back up to meet a friend from Virginia to fish around the Driggs/Ashton area. 

Flippin' out for summer

The last Sunday before school started I went up with several friends to a nearby rope swing to cherish the last moments of freedom before getting back to the books. 


Hope everyone else was able to get out and enjoy the summer to its max!