Utah 2013-14 Ski Season Wrap-Up

Thats a Wrap! May 26th wrapped up the season with closing day at Snowbird, the final Utah resort to stay open. Finished off with 48 days on skis, 6 of which were spent in the backcountry, and 1 spend skiing at the local resort back east. Although it was a bit of a slow start to the season, the early spring started to turn the season around with the snow storms. Totaled several days up in the backcountry touring with the rest spent lapping the resort.  Started the season out with big expectations on personal skiing goals, as well as photography goals, and while not all these goals were met I cannot complain at all with the opportunities I had. Big props to everyone who helped me out this year by being in front of the lens, none of these images would have been captured without you. Sad that the season is over but it is time to move on to the summer activities.